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Anveo provides HTTP interface CallerID Name lookups for USA and Canadian numbers.
CNAM Lookup fee is $0.009 (0.9 cent) per lookup. Lookup fee is charged regardless of the lookup result.

HTTP Request Format

Anveo CallerID API is using HTTP request to retrieve CallerID name.
Both POST and GET methods are supported.

HTTP URL format:
apikey [required] is your API KEY from Anveo API
action [required] action should be cnam
e164 [required] is a phone number for CallerID lookup.
E164 phone number format is Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.
CallerID Name is returned when no errors were found
In case of an error Anveo will return error details in the following format:
result=error^error=ERROR DESCRIPTION
Example (Success)
Send SMS (success):

some callerid name
Example (Error)
Send SMS (error):

result=error^error=low balance
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