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Web Call or Click to Call

Web Call - Simple Solution to your Immediate Communication Needs.
There is no need for a microphone and headset to employ the great features of Anveo Web Call.
Convenient Web 2.0 interface, flexible call scheduler and the ability to record phone conversations make Anveo Web Call a good choice for your business phone needs.
How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation:You work for U.S. based business and have been conversing with a prospective client using your office phone. Monday may be the day you close the deal but you'll be on vacation in Belize.

Solution:No problem! You can use Anveo Web Call on Monday. Simply provide your hotel room phone number and the destination phone number and Anveo will connect you. Moreover use Anveo's custom Caller ID feature to make the call appear as if you are calling from your office phone.
Web Call Highlights
  • Access to your contacts
  • Access to your Recent Calls list
  • Call scheduler
  • Avoid misdialing with optional pre-connection Call Confirmation.
  • Ability to automatically redial busy phone numbers.
  • Flexible call scheduling
  • Custom CallerID
  • Call Recording on-demand - record your calls by pressing ** on your phone keypad
  • Schedule your phone calls in advance.
  • Low rates

'Click to Call' for your website
If you are looking for 'Click to Call' solution for your website please review 'Click to Call' ContactME button.

Web Call online demo is available here

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