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Incoming Local and Toll Free Phone Numbers from More than 47 Countries

Ring all of your phones anywhere in the World. You decide the features your phone number needs and visually configure using the ANVEO drag-and-drop Call Flow designer.
NEWSMS Now with SMS/Text message support! Phone numbers in Canada, UK and United States are capable of receiving incoming SMS text messages!
NEWFAX Now with FAX support! Phone numbers in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Spain, UK and United States are capable of receiving incoming faxes!

Anveo Phone Numbers Coverage and Prices
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Full Power and Total Flexibility
  • Powered by Anveo Visual IVR Call Flow technology
  • Customizable features using Anveo's Visual IVR Call Flow designer
  • Many call forwarding options including SIP devices, Skype, Anveo Communicator, other phone numbers and more!
  • Capable of ringing multiple phones simultaneously
  • Enables you to transfer calls between your phones and departments
  • Allows you to accept or reject incoming calls or to transfer them to voicemail or to another phone number
  • Gives you the option to block or discourage unwanted callers and telemarketers
  • Custom Music on Hold - Do not let your callers listen to old fashioned Ring, Ring , Ring. Let the Music on Hold be applicable to your business.
  • Caller screening
  • Personalized Call Flows for known callers
  • Ability to accept incoming calls only when you want to
  • Time based call handling - Handle calls differently based on weekday/time.
  • Centralized Visual Voicemail for all your phones with many powerful options
  • Option to receive voicemail messages on your email or listen/download then from the Anveo website
  • Integrate IM messeges with your phone number.Receive IM notifications when you have a new voicemail message or a missed phone call.
  • NEW Receive SMS/Text Messages on your phone number and forward them to IM Anveo Communicator, Email address or HTTP server.
  • NEW Receive FAXes on your Anveo phone number without the need for a dedicated FAX line
  • NEW USA and CANADA Anveo phone numbers come with FREE CNAM (CallerID with Name) support
  • Plus many more great features offered by Anveo Call Flow
For Advanced Needs
Anveo can meet even advanced communication needs. Flexible voice applications can be configured for your Anveo phone number using convenient Anveo Visual Drag'n'Drop Call Flow designer. HTTP Data exchange capabilities of Anveo Call Flow allow for full data integration with your in-house IT systems.
  • Phone based product activation
  • Phone Survey
  • Store Locator
  • Product Order Line
  • Fundraising
  • Order status and tracking
  • and more...
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