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Advanced Call Flow - Call Flow Variables

Call Flow Variable - Powerful Tool for Advanced Call Flows

Anveo is a very powerful, flexible and yet easy to use communication platform for Voice and Data integration.
One of the major elements of advanced Call Flow is Call Flow Variable.
Call Flow Variable can be used to store and retrieve data during Call Flow execution. Here are just a few examples: Integrate Anveo Call Flow with your in-house system via HTTP, verify data entered by a caller, create conditional loops and so on.

Anveo has a built-in Call Flow Variable (E164 ( $[E164]$ )) that holds Caller's phone number.

Call Flow variable is represented by its NAME and its VALUE. Example: Variable Name: CustomerID and its value 1203. Call Flow Variable value can be used in most of Anveo Call Controls. To reference a variable simply use $[VARIABLENAME]$ in an appropriate place and ANVEO will replace it with its value.


Example: Joe Doe is calling your Anveo phone number from his home phone ( 12157010680). You can use $[E164]$ variable to retrieve his phone number and use it in various Anveo Call Controls such as Email control.
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