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Audio Messages/Prompts

Audio greetings made easy with Anveo!
With Anveo it is easy to create, organize and use Audio Greetings.
Personalize Your Audio Greeting
Upload an existing audio file and use it as your greeting. There is no need to worry about different audio formats. With Anveo you can use audio files in any major audio format such as MP3, WAV and WMA.
Create Greetings Right From Your Phone
Conveniently record new audio greetings right from your phone.
Online Management
Easily manage all of your audio greetings online. Create, listen, organize and annotate them using Anveo's intuitive visual interface.
How to use Audio Messages/Prompts
Custom Audio Messages/Prompts can be used in many Anveo Call Controls such as Playback, Transfer PRO, Single Key and VoiceMail.
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