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Anveo API - The power of Anveo on demand.

Flexible API that allows third party systems to use the power of Anveo communication platform on demand.
Anveo communication platform helps solve various tasks where making a phone call is required.
Starting from a simple phone call to advanced phone calls powered by Anveo Call Flow you can easily configure and fully customize the way phone calls are handled.
Anveo API allows thirt party systems make phone calls and initiate Anveo Call Flows on demand on any phone number worldwide.
Here are some examples of where Anveo API can be used:
  • Automated Phone Order/Payment Verification
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Phone based product or service activation
  • Phone based product/service surveys, reviews
  • Political or consumer polls
  • Emergency notifications
  • Custom Click to Call
  • Send SMS messages
In fact, Anveo's internal 'Credit Card Payment Verification' and 'Custom Caller ID/Phone number verification' processes are both implemented using Anveo Call Flow and API.
For more details about Anveo API please click here
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