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Flexible Extensions

Create powerful corporate call handling on a department and/or employee extension level.
Using Anveo each department and employee can be assigned an extension. Each extension can have its own Call Flow customized for their role in the overall business.
How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation: When customers call for billing support they should be given a specific set of call options. Customers calling for technical support should receive an entirely different set of options. You want the call options to be automatically presented based on the call extension.

Solution: With Anveo create one extension for the Billing department and another for Technical support and then create separate Call Flows for each department using Anveo's online Visual Designer.
Flexibility on an Employee Level
The same Call Flow flexibility given to your departments can be given to your individual employees as well. Consider, as an example, the call handling of your remote employees. Their availability and preferred communication method (Skype, Gizmo, cell phone, etc.) can be integrated into their extension's Call Flow.
Control on a Business Level
The flexibility available to your employees should be implemented according to your business call handling standards. Anveo provides centralized control over employees' Call Flows.
On-Demand Extension Transfers
If a customer's call is taken and it becomes obvious that they should be speaking to someone from another department, your employees can transfer the call to the appropriate department extension. When a caller reaches the wrong department the employee who takes an Anveo call has the flexibility to transfer the call to the appropriate extension without asking the caller to hang up and dial the correct extension.
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