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Call Queue

Maximize customer satisfaction. Minimize the time callers have to wait.
Use Anveo's Call Queue feature to assign a group of agents whose numbers will be called sequentially until an available agent is reached or your customer's maximum on hold time has been reached.
How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation: You have a small business and five employees can handle customer support calls. You want to make sure that your customers never wait for one representative when another one could have taken the call. Additionally you want your representatives to know when an incoming call is a support call and you want to use any call waiting time to promote your business and services.

Solution: Use Anveo Visual Designer to create a Call Flow based Call Queue. Enter the five customer representative phone numbers which will automatically be sequentially dialed until an available agent picks up the call. Upload an audio reminder to automatically notify the agent that the incoming call is a support call. Additionally, upload an audio message to promote your business and services while the customer is waiting for an available agent.

Increase customer satisfaction.
Use Anveo Call Queue to minimize the time that a caller has to wait for a customer support representative to pick up their call. Automatically give your customer a next best option when maximum call waiting time has been reached.
Cut costs and make the most efficient use of your resources.
With Anveo's Call Queue feature you don't need a multi-line phone system. Nor do you need an in-house dedicated customer support group. With Call Queue your customer support agents can be located anywhere in the world.
Put call waiting time to work for your business.
When callers wait for a representative, have them hear business announcements about new services, products, etc.
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