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Goodies Call Control

Enjoy some goodies(features) for your Anveo Phone Number.
By simply calling your Anveo Phone Number you can make use of the following Goodies:
  • Make outgoing phone calls with Anveo Phone Number as CallerID
  • Listen to your Voicemail
  • Schedule a call back
  • More Goodies to come...
How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation:You have been conversing with a prospective client using your office Anveo Phone number. Next day you are working offsite without internet access but you need to make an urgent phone call to the client so that your office number will be displayed as CallerID.

Solution:No problem! Simply configure Anveo Gooodies for your Anveo Phone Number and every time you need to make a phone call with Anveo Phone number as CallerID you can dial your Anveo Phone Number and use a 'Secret Key' combination to place an outgoing call.
Iif you have internet access you can also use Anveo Web Call feature to make phone calls with custom CallerID.
Place and configure Goodies Call Control.
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