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Ring Multiple Phones

Anveo can transfer incoming calls to any of your phones or to ALL of them at once

Anveo not only rings your phones but also offers many great features to improve call experience such as:
  • Custom Music on Hold - Play music of your choice to the caller while Anveo is ringing your phone.
  • Switch Phones - You can switch phones while talking to the caller or transfer the caller to another Call Flow ( it could be Voicemail or transfer to another phone number).
  • Call Recording on demand - Record your phone conversation when you want to. Manage and organize audio recordings online.
  • Audio Reminders - When you receive a phone call Anveo can playback reminders (audio messages) of your choice to you so you know the nature of the call and decide if you want to start the conversation or handle the call differently. (MULTI FLOW)
  • Flexible CallerID options - configure what CallerID number should be used.
  • Secured call - only a person who knows a security PIN code can answer the call.

When you receive a phone call Anveo will offer you a choice if you want to speak with the caller or transfer the caller to Voicemail, to another phone or to another Call Flow configured. (MULTI FLOW)
You can transfer the caller to another phone or to voicemail even in the middle of the phone conversation. (CALL SWITCH)

Multi Flow - when you get a call on your phone from Anveo Transfer Pro control you can
press 0 to take the call and start conversation or
press 1,2 or 3 - to send the caller back to Call Flow without starting the conversation.
Call Switch - when you are already talking to the caller you can transfer the caller back to Call Flow by pressing *1,*2 or *3
Transfer to an extension - if you have any extension configured you can transfer the call to an extension by pressing ## followed by entension number
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